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Why are you Weeping?

February 10, 2016, 10:57 AM

“They said to her, Woman, why are you weeping?…”

John 20:13a

Mary Magdalene could certainly remember the day that Jesus had delivered her.  That day she became His follower. (Luke 8:2)  She knew and remembered all that Jesus taught her and and done for her.  She served Him out of a deep love, because He first had loved her.

The tears began to flow.  Jesus had been her Master, Lord, teacher, Savior and friend, but now he was gone.  Not just gone but mercilessly tortured and murdered on a cross of Damnation!  Her beliefs, desires, dreams, wants, and even her very living appeared to be dashed forever on the rocks of life.  Of course the tears flowed.  

Have you ever been there?  Where something you love is taken away?  Where something you dreamed about suddenly is destroyed.  Where someone or something you care about deeply and are invested in is ripped away from you? Have you ever had things go just more sideways than you ever could have imagined?  Of course you have…we all have.

Life is not easy.  The Christian life is not easy.  Life is not fair.  Despite the preaching of some, God’s word never says it is going to be.  It will be filled with joyful moments as we walk with God and we live on a mountain top as well as points in life where nothing seems to make sense or go our way.  There is times of great discouragement.  That is life in the valley.  

Mary did not understand that Jesus, whom she loved, was risen!  He had suffered and died as He promised but He also had risen again just as he said.  When Mary learned that Her Savior and Lord was alive it put everything back in perspective.  There was joy and happiness again!  

Learning the truth about Jesus brought perspective and joy but it did not make everything fair or easy.  But it made it possible.  With Christ all things are possible.  

Today remember the reality of a risen and living Jesus Christ.  Let the perspective of the truth and hope in Jesus revive you and propel you forward.  Let it bring you joy and strength.  No, life is not easy, but because He lives, we can face the life we are called to live for Him!