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Sunday's Sermon Summed Up: In 3 statements
December 22, 2014, 3:10 PM

1.  Just as it was 2000 years ago, today our world, families, homes, communities are in need of a great miracle and just as performed the miracle of introducing the world to Jesus, He can introduce you to Jesus in a personal saving way today.

2.  Put yourself in their shoes and consider the miracle of the Christmas Story through the eyes of Mary and Joseph the shepherds and the Magi; They each experienced the miracle in a special way but it was not easy for them to experience and it changed their lives forever when they did.

3.  In the Christmas story there are many miracles that God worked together that we often don't consider; the distance of pregnant teenager traveling from a no where town through the mountains to a small village, the unlikely recipients of the first Birth announcement in the shepherds and their journey and search to find the Christ child and the magi who traveled perhaps thousands of miles and many months to worship Jesus; just like today God is working many miracles in your life and mine, but we must be willing to see them, acknowledge them and be willing to be changed by the miracle of Jesus Christ.

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