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In God We Must Trust!
July 6, 2015, 12:37 PM

How did "In God We Trust" get stamped on our money if we have never been A God fearing, Christian Nation. 

The story of how “In God We Trust”, which today appears on our money, first made its appearance on our coins is certainly an interesting one and applicable to today.

In 1861 a Maryland farmer suggested by letter to the Secretary of the Treasury, that since we claim to be a God fearing Christian nation we should make some recognition of the Deity on our coinage.

2 Mottoes, “Our God, Our Country,” and “God Our Trust” were proposed. 

Due in part to the nation being racked by the Civil War nothing was done about it for the next couple years. 

Then in 1964, during a time of civil war, the Secretary of the Treasury Salmon P. Chase, realizing an ebbing national spirit and a national crisis was mounting made one last appeal. The Motto, “God Our Trust” was again suggested with the chief argument being that the words came from our National Hymn, The Star Spangled Banner.”
Chase said, “The time is propitious. now in this time of national peril, our strength and salvation must come from God.”
Secretary Chase won his plea and Congress first authorized the coining of two cent piece on which was stamped, “In God we trust.” The following year, on March 3, 1865 the Director of the Mint was authorized to place this new motto on all gold and silver coins. Today it is on coins as well as paper money.

Perhaps as Americans we should realize the peril our nation is in, and realize the demoralization of the American spirit, as well as the rising crisis and even a type of “Civil War” that is taking place in our great country. And realizing this we should take a piece of money out of our pocket, fall down on our knees in repentance and confession, and pray to the one true God. In whom alone is worthy for us to place our trust.  
Won’t you, along with me pray that God would turn our nation back to himself. Won't you along with me pray that we would, as a nation once again put our trust in God?
There are those who want to declare that this nation is not a Godly nation, never has been a Godly nation and should not be a Godly nation. But it begs the question, “How did His Name get on our money?”
Pray with me now for our nation, and for God to Continue to Bless America.

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