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I didn't Plan It This Way

July 31, 2015, 11:40 AM

While teaching a series on the book of Jonah this past Wednesday we found Jonah asleep in the bottom of the boat while a storm raged on the sea threatening to sink the ship. 

On Sunday Mornings I am preaching through the Gospel of Mark. We are at the end of Chapter 4. What do we find? Jesus Asleep on a boat while a storm threatened to sink the ship. 

I didn't plan for the two to coincide. I did not even occur to me until yesterday while preparing for Sunday. Coincidence? I think not.  
It never ceases to Amaze me how God can draw our attention in wondrous ways. 

There are undoubtedly many applications that can be drawn. But...

1. Jonah was where he was not supposed to be, running from God and his will for his life and Jonah's life was in danger.
2. Jesus was exactly (as He always is) where He is supposed to be and His life was never in any danger from the storm.
3. Storms in life come to us all to accomplish the purposes of God. Whether or not you are right where God wants you or whether you are     on the run from Him. The storm is there to get your attention and teach you some truth and draw you to God.
4. Although God places storms in your path to draw you to Himself, we have a choice to make.  
     a. Turn to the almighty as the disciples did and find peace.  
     b. Refuse to turn to God and be lost in the Jonah.