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A Penny's Worth of Thought: Living For Him Today
April 8, 2015, 12:59 PM

The world we live in is filled with evil, wickedness and sin.  Few Christians, if any would try to argue that is not.  But too often we as Christians use the fallen state of society today as an excuse for not being an exception and example that God has called us to be.

But…think about this.

Noah lived in a day and age when He was the only Godly person living on the earth.  It was so bad that God was sorry for making man and was grieved at man’s wickedness.  It was so bad that God sent a flood to destroy everything except for Noah and his family along with the animals that God had Noah put on the ark.  

How easy it would have been for Noah to go with the flow, and blend in with a wicked world.  How easy it would have been for Noah’s children to give in to peer pressure and take the easy road of life.  How easy it would have been during the 100 years that God had them building the ark for Noah and His family to give up and quit.  

Why didn’t Noah quit?  Why didn’t Noah give in? Why didn’t He let his children join the crowd and loosen their morals and standards so they could fit in and bee cool, like the rest of the crowd?  Why was Noah the only one that lived a Godly life and was faithful and obedient in all that God commanded Him?  Why did Noah find favor in the eyes of God?

Because Noah walked with God.  It is as simple and the same time as complex as that.  He walked with God.  Becoming a Christian is only possible because Jesus died on a cross in our place, paying our sin debt and rose again from the dead victorious.  Living a Godly life is only possible if we realize that Christianity is about a relationship with God and we walk with him daily.  

Does walking with God make us perfect, no.  Does it mean we will never sin again, no.  But it does mean that even in day and time when wickedness and evil are so visible and appear overwhelming, we can live a Godly life, be the exception and have a Godly influence today, just like Noah did so long ago.

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