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5 Things You Will Never Hear God Say #4

May 13, 2019, 12:24 PM

Hearing and Knowing what God is speaking to us can be difficult.  

Confusing what the devil and the world are saying, with what God is saying can happen easily enough.  


These are the 3 things we have covered so far:  things the world/devil/sin might lead you to think that God would say...but he never would in this life. 


Things you will never hear God say in this life: 

1.  God will never say: I don’t love you

2.  God will never say: I can’t/won’t forgive you

3. God will never say:  Don’t Go to Chuch


Today we offer #4


In this life, God will never say to you: It’s too late.  


God loves‘ a you know matter what.  Because He loves you, He sent his Son to die in your place, paying your price of sin, so that He can forgive you of your sin if you ask Him to.  He loves you and is willing to save you so that He can use you for his purposes and kingdom.  God uses the church to communicate his love and to disciple His believers for their purposeful lives.  


There are many people who believe the lie - God does not love me, but they are wrong.

There are many people who believe the lie - God cannot forgive them for what they have done, but they are mistaken.  

There are many who believe the lie - God doesn’t care if I go to church or not, but they have been deceived.  


And there are many who believe the lie:


I have waited to long, it is to late for me to be saved. 

I believe it is true that, there are people who have rejected the conviction of the Holy Spirit for so long, that they have become hardened in their heart to the Lord, even to the point where the Lord ceases to convict them of sin and stops knocking on the door of their heart.  


However if a person finds themselves wondering if they have reached that point, then they have not reached it.  While we should not delay our response to the Lord for salvation and to His convicting Spirit, if you had reached a point of a hard heart, you would not wonder.  You would not even consider it.   If you are wondering if it is to late for you to be saved, wonder no longer.  God will not say to you it is too late.  If it was you wouldn’t ask the question and you would not hear from God.  


On the other hand perhaps you are a believer, and you know that God wants you to do something for Him.  It might be a vocational calling, or it might be surrendering to the ministry of preaching or mission work or some other ministerial call, but you have put God off with an answer of no, delayed your response.  You think that God certainly could not use you now...that it is somehow to late, but you would be wrong.  It is never to late to answer the call of God for your life.  


Maybe you think that age or health have caused you to somehow lose the opportunity to answer God’s call to serve him.  Can I remind you that what God is calling you to, he will enable you and strengthen you to do it if you will trust in Him.  It is not to late, nor will you ever hear God say...too late.  


Maybe today you know there are friends, family members, or coworkers who God wants you to share the good news of the gospel with.  It is not too late. 


Yes, there are consequences to our making a choice of telling God no, or procrastinating in following His leading in our life, but that does not mean it is to late to make the right decision and do the right thing.  Don’t delay.  Don’t wait.  Do it now.  But it is never too late to do the right thing make the right decision.


God does not ask you to do something, and then say...never mind, too late.  


At least not in this life.  


There is a time when God will say too late.  There are times when it becomes to late.  


When our life is over, if we have not accepted His gift of salvation, and we face Him it will be too late to ask for forgiveness. 


When our life is over and we have not done what He asked us to do, it will be too late to answer the call.  


When that friend, family member, co-worker, neighbor, etc.  slips into eternity and out of this life, it will be too late for us to share with them the good news of the Gospel. 


But in this life, God will never say too late.